Around You

Set a radius and search for partys around you, or…


…search for partys in another town, in your country and (almost) worldwide.


The symbol color shows wich search is active – around you or worldwide search.


Refine your search by using the search bar. For example search for an artist / club / music genre.


Make partys “your partys” by adding them to your favorites.


In the details, find the address and time of the party, navigation to the venue, calendar and sharing option.

Main Menu

Search for partys and clubs, organize your vouchers and favorite partys and venues.

Venue Search

In addition you can search for venues – works exactly the same as the party search.

Wich Venue?

If you’re looking for a certain venue, simply use the text search.


Klick on the venue to see the details.


On the bottom you see the number of upcoming partys. klick it to see the list.

My Venues

Add venues to your favorites and never miss a party again.